Waste management in the IoT era.
Watch your containers
and optimize your organization.

Waste management in the IoT era. Surveillez vos contenants et optimisez votre gestion.

Monitor your waste tanks remotely with our connected, autonomous sensors. 
Optimize your logistics processes to reduce costs. Access real-time data for informed decision-making.




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All-in-one solution

Rely on our expertise by choosing a turnkey solution: connected sensors, IoT networks and platform, from installation to maintenance, including customer service.

Optimize your management

Our remote tank monitoring solution enables you to optimize your logistics by giving you an overview of the levels of all your tanks.

Reduce your logistics costs

Save 30% on logistics costs and 10% on CO² emissions by avoiding the use of half-full trucks, optimizing your logistics routes, etc.

A 3-in-1 solution


Connected and wireless sensors

A complete range to suit your needs

We've designed a range of sensors to cover a wide variety of applications: whether it's black oil, wastewater, gas, fuel oil, lubricants, AdBlue®, sludge, ice, or different types of tank (storage, underground, overhead, mobile, ATEX), we've got what you need.

Total autonomy

Our sensors are battery-powered, with an autonomy of 4 to 5 years. Their connectivity is based on IoT networks, guaranteeing easy, wireless installation by your teams or our expert installers.

Excellent network coverage

Thanks to our multi-network management (Lora, SigFox, LTEM, NB-IoT), our sensors enjoy excellent coverage throughout Europe, ensuring smooth, reliable data transmission.


A flexible, accessible software

User-friendly interface

Our customers appreciate the accessible interface of our platform, available on all devices (smartphone, computer).

Automated inventory

Supervise all your stock, your history and your forecasts in just a few clicks from a simple interface.

Customisable alerts

Set up alerts to notify you when your containers are full or empty, to avoid overfilling or breakdowns.

Flexible outputs to your applications

Take advantage of various outputs to your applications: API, FTP, etc., to integrate our powerful data sources into your software and drive your business with data-driven management.


A wide range ofuses

ICPE and SEVESO compliance

The decree of 27/03/2012* on the general requirements applicable to ICPE sites makes level gauges mandatory on fixed storage facilities. The so-called "Post-Lubrizol" decree no. 2020-1168 of 2020, for Seveso sites, insists on the use of "telemetry systems". Read more

Optimising logistics processes

With complete control of your stocks and forecasts, you can save 30% on your logistics costs and 10% on your CO² emissions by optimising your logistics: avoid using half-full lorries, stop wasting time measuring your containers, etc.

Building loyalty at your collection points

Improve your relationship with your collection points by offering a unique service that makes a difference. Be the first to contact your customers for collection, thanks to live knowledge of the levels of their containers.

800+ customers use our solutions
DataWaste's offer is what differentiates Chimirec. It is part of the triple approach that our customers pursue every day: environmental, digital and traceability.

Aurélien Dumarche
National Sales Manager for D.A. & networks at Chimerec

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