DataWaste supports Chimirec in deploying 6,000 connected gauges

The Chimirec group, a major player in waste collection and recovery, has adopted the DataWaste intelligent solution to offer comprehensive customer service. After an initial pilot phase of 600 sensors in 2020, the group will deploy 6,000 connected probes to its Auto customers.
un employé de chimerec se tient devant un camion et des cuves de l'entreprise

The Chimirec group specializes in the collection, consolidation and treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Their aim is to recover and transform the waste collected from their professional customers, including black waste oils. Established throughout France and internationally, the Chimirec Group is the French leader in black oil collection.

Mr Rubillart, a member of the PLD Leydet automotive group and the project's pilot customer, is enthusiastic: " I'm very satisfied with the Chim'Sonde solution. Since the probes were installed, I no longer need to monitor my black oil tanks, and Chimirec intervenes without us having to worry about it. A great turnkey service! »

To enhance its range of services for its "Automotive" customers (vehicle maintenance, dealerships, etc.), Chimirec is offering them a "Chim'Sonde" connected probe solution, so that they can monitor their filling rate and no longer worry about the risks of overfilling, with its high impact on the environment and working conditions. With probes connected to the Sigfox 0G network, Chimirec can trigger remote collection without any intervention from the customer.

Aurélien DUMARCHE, National Sales Manager for D.A. & networks at Chimirec, is behind the project: " The Chim'Sonde offer sets Chimirec apart. It is part of the three-pronged approach our customers take on a daily basis: environmental, by preventing tank overflows; digitalisation, by simplifying the management of this waste: a collection request is automatically sent to the collector when the set level is reached: traceability, customers can track and record their liquid waste production on a daily basis. The response from our customers and our teams has been excellent. I'm very proud that this project has come to fruition and very happy to have been able to rely on Four Data / DataWaste to bring it to a successful conclusion! »

In order to provide this new offering, the Chimirec Group is drawing on the expertise of the SME Four Data. Launched in 2016, Four Data offers complete business solutions (SaaS software) designed to simplify their customers' operational activities using data from the IoT (sensors). Today, Four Data owns 3 trademarks that enable it to sell its products and solutions in different verticals. The 3 registered trademarks are : FUEL IT, AGRILAB IO & DATAWATSE.

« The key to the success of this project was our support throughout the digital transformation process. Our platform is designed to accommodate any type of connected sensor, whatever its origin or communication protocol. The important thing is to focus on the use, in this case the customer's use consisted of providing a new service to customers, preventing emergencies and optimising collection rounds. »
yann de la roche saint andre
Yann de la Roche Saint André
Operational Director

The complete IoT (Internet of Things) solution proposed by FOUR DATA is based on a gauge designed, manufactured and patented in France, connected to the new "0G" networks dedicated to connected objects: Sigfox - a global provider of IoT services created in 2009 - is the first French network created specifically for connected objects, on which the Chimirec project sensors are based. The initiator of the 0G network, its coverage extends to virtually the whole of France and neighbouring countries.

The aim is to monitor the level of a fleet of tanks remotely, in order to optimise deliveries and keep track of customer activity. The data collected by the sensors is transmitted to each branch's web interface. Logistics managers can then plan and optimise their collection rounds.

About Chimirec : Chimirec is a French family business founded in 1957 and specialising in oil collection. 64 years later, the Chimirec Group is established throughout France and internationally, and is now a key player in the waste collection and treatment sector. It is a committed Group that places environmental issues at the heart of its concerns.

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About Four Data Datawaste: launched in 2016, Datawaste is one of the three brands of FOUR DATA (along with Agrilab io & Fuel it), which specialises in the design and production of turnkey connected object solutions based on a connected gauge and business software. The solution is aimed in particular at the waste management and collection sector. This global solution is sold on a white-label basis and helps to optimise operational logistics and improve customer service. The Four Data connected gauge is patented and manufactured in France, and over 5,500 units have already been deployed in Europe with more than 450 customers. The 15-strong start-up, founded by four partners, is based in Dijon (21) and Vannes (56).

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